Investing in US shares is now simple and affordable for Australian investors.

A C C E S S   M O R E   F O R   L E S S

See below for regulatory and other fees that may apply. 



Got USD or US Shares?

Minimum transfer between AUD to USD is $500AUD.

FX Transfers below AUD$2,500: AUD$5.00 fee (This fee does not apply when using POLi).


$0 brokerage on all trades.

We've used technology and forged strong partnerships to keep our costs down and deliver you something better and cheaper. 

We make our money on the FX transfers, not when you trade - It's as simple as that!

$0 Brokerage

Gifting fee: $5.99USD per gift. 

Card fee: 2% (min $1) when paying by card.

The recipient doesn't pay anything to redeem their shares.

0.7% (70ps) on the spot FX rate.

Only when you transfer funds between AUD and USD, not on each trade! 

Other brokers make you transfer funds every time you buy or sell shares. Give that the flick!

FX Transfers

Min Transfers

Incoming Transfers.

Free.  Yes, like our brokerage, incoming transfers of USD cash or US shares is $0.

Transfer for free, trade for free!

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These are the small fees (USD) passed through to the relevant regulatory authority on share sales.

SEC Fee (sell side only): $0.231 per $10,000 of sales proceeds

TAF Fee (sell side only): $0.000119 per share (maximum of $5.95)

Regulatory fees

Gift Cards

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See how we compare with the big boys.

Based on 20 trades of the same size ($8,000 USD) with the 1 AUD = 0.8USD.

Rest assured your assets are safe.

Stake never touches your money. Your assets are always registered in your name with our partners, Macquarie Bank, OFX and DriveWealth.  We're just the platform bringing it all together. 

Your US cash and securities are insured for up to USD$500,000 by the SIPC if a broker-dealer falls over. 

Read more about SIPC Insurance here.

There's no catch when it comes to $0 brokerage.  We just ask you to share Stake with friends to unlock it.  

Trading costs in the US are already super cheap and we've kept our costs low so we can pass those onto you. 

Read how we make it work.  

Fast sign-up. No monthly fees.

What's the catch with $0?

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Stake makes money when you move your funds between AUD and USD. Not when you trade. 

We also make money by collecting interest on cash sitting in the USD accounts, much like a bank does on cash deposits.  

In time, we'll develop pay-for services and products that add additional value to your trading experience. 

Some questions customers are asking...

How does Stake make money?

What happens if Stake is no longer around?

Stake is built to give Australian self-directed investors, who have been waiting too long for uncomplicated access to the US equity markets. 

Our audience are looking beyond micro investing and see the US share market as a considerable part of their portfolio.

You can check out Stake with small dollar amounts to see if it works for you.  You can continue to make FX transfers of any amount (above $500) but from September, any amount below $2,500 will incur the $5.00 fee. 

Why the fee for low $ transfers?

If you have any questions regarding our pricing, account setup or other feature please reach out at